Tuesday, May 20, 2008

can you?

What do you see when you hear a bang bang.
What do you feel when you see someone take a sip, gulp, or a long swig.
Can you see a son without father, finding his manhood by joining a gang.
Can you see a daughter without a mother to show her self-respect.
A boy with no mom to teach him how to respect a woman.
A girl with no dad to tell her just how beautiful she really is.
Can anyone tell me, just how many girls have a boyfriend just to feel loved.
Can anyone tell me, just how many boys are in gangs to feel like a man .
Can you tell me,just how many kids have to live with a secret
every-single-day of their lives.
So is this the why, so many kids try to die, get high, sell ,or buy.
Is this the why, young men are in gangs just to shoot and kill
to let there anger out.
Is it also why, young women try to feel loved by wearing tight clothing
to get someone to say "lookin good".
Could all this be cause a dad and mom were not home to say "I love you".
Or is it that mom and dad knew, but never said stop.
Can it be because an important person gave up on them.
Told them to go home when they came for help.
So why can't we just stop to listen to what they have to say.
So can i ask you, well you forgive someone for knowing, but not careing
So can i ask you, can you give them a second chance if they ask.
Cause these kids had no help from your
So who is going to help them in there dark times
Can you ?


Brianna Renee said...

i like this little saying! its soo true. LOVE YA SADIES!

Aubrey said...

hey sis thought might need some oneelse 2 leave comments good wrk nd keep comeing up with things that going to help out ur piers nd even thou i dnt show it your stuff does help me out!!! love ya nd dnt stop keep your head up and keep bloging to help more people out nd if you think what you got to write need to be heard then you have access to my blog put on there and your stuff will get read!!!! and you never no it might hit some one that just might be looking 4 wat you got write!! love ya and glad to be your big brother wouldnt trade you for noone else!! we might fight alot and i might want to kill you some times but you have a big part in y im back in church again nd i thank you for that!! love you sis