Monday, August 4, 2008

can you believe it

i finally posted something on my blog in months

are you proud of me?

Have i got a story for you.

A car full of little old ladies got pulled over by a police man. 

The police man asked the woman driving.
Do you know how fast you where going? 
She said 35 miles per hour, why?
'That's to slow". He answered
The Old Lady said "No that's what the sign said it was ,it's 35 mph"
The Officer laugh an said "No, miss that's the number of the highway, this is highway 35 
but can i ask you why your friends look so scared?"
"Well it's because we just came off of highway 95". 

me me me me and then u!!!

1. What time is it ?    9:20pm.
2. What's your full name ?    Mercedes Maricela Robinson.
3. What are you most afraid of?  idk..hahaha.
4. Place of birth ?  Sac. CA.
5. Favorite Food (s)? Mexican.
6. What's your natural hair color ? brown.
7. Ever been to Alaska ? No. 
8.  Ever been toilet paper rolling -? Yes, so much fun.
9. Love someone so much it made you cry?   yes .
10. Been in a car accident ? yeah.
11.  Croutons or bacon bits?  nether.
12.  Favorite day of the week? all of them .
13.  Favorite restaurant?  In & Out.
14.  Favorite Flower? Red Roses and Lilly's.
15.  Favorite sport to watch? basketball and football.
16.  Favorite drink?   Jamba Juice.mmmm.
17.  Favorite ice cream ?   Chunky Monkey  and choc. chip cookie dough.
18.  Ever been on a ship ? no..:{.
19.  Did you pass your drivers test the 1 st time ? idk cause i haven't taken it yet .
20.  What do you do when you are bored ? read a book or sleep.
21.   Bedtime?  me have a bed time hahahaha, i don't have one.
22.   Who is the person that you are most curious to see their responses?  everyone.
23.   Favorite bands? hawk nelson, barlowgirl, group-one-crew, niemann ave. 
24. Last person you went to dinner with? my family mommy, daddy and all my bros.
25.   Favorite time of year? summer and winter.
26.  What are your favorite colors ?  all shades of green and  bright orange and black .
27.  How many tattoos do you have? no i don't do pain and ill never get one. 
28.  How many pets do you have ?  daddy has fishes and i have a turtle and a crab.
29.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg? idk, do you kno ????
30.  What do you want to do before you die?   be in two places at once.
31.  Have you ever been to Hawaii ? Nope... but i wish. 
32.  Have you been to countries outside the  U.S.A. OR CANADA ? No.
33.  Time this survey ended?   10:10

 Now its your turn can you answer these question for me  

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

can you?

What do you see when you hear a bang bang.
What do you feel when you see someone take a sip, gulp, or a long swig.
Can you see a son without father, finding his manhood by joining a gang.
Can you see a daughter without a mother to show her self-respect.
A boy with no mom to teach him how to respect a woman.
A girl with no dad to tell her just how beautiful she really is.
Can anyone tell me, just how many girls have a boyfriend just to feel loved.
Can anyone tell me, just how many boys are in gangs to feel like a man .
Can you tell me,just how many kids have to live with a secret
every-single-day of their lives.
So is this the why, so many kids try to die, get high, sell ,or buy.
Is this the why, young men are in gangs just to shoot and kill
to let there anger out.
Is it also why, young women try to feel loved by wearing tight clothing
to get someone to say "lookin good".
Could all this be cause a dad and mom were not home to say "I love you".
Or is it that mom and dad knew, but never said stop.
Can it be because an important person gave up on them.
Told them to go home when they came for help.
So why can't we just stop to listen to what they have to say.
So can i ask you, well you forgive someone for knowing, but not careing
So can i ask you, can you give them a second chance if they ask.
Cause these kids had no help from your
So who is going to help them in there dark times
Can you ?

Friday, May 2, 2008

what he see in the mirror

when you look in the mirror this is what you see
im fat
im ugly
no one likes me 
i cant go on living like this 
i hate my life
i hate what i have become...
but when he look in the mirror he sees
a slim 
with a reason to live your life to serve him


what this brown eye girl likes


2. My Family - am a big daddys girl, my mom, my big bro, and all of my little bros 
3. Eeyore 
4. Sharks - Tigers , Bulls, and the Great White 
5. Beauty and the Beast 
6. Guitars of any kind, (ok the drums too!)
7. My favorite colors Black, Green, and Pink.

 hay can u see me ... he's my little  cutie